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أResearches for the author during his studies  and the short articles of our professor Dr., J.C.Philip .

Our Academic sources.

It is The Bible with the help of Trinity Group of colleges for the different branches of studing Theology ,Biblical Archeology ,Apologetics ,Biblical Studies ,Divinity etc, the list of their sites in the page of the blog (The thirteenth pasge) but the main site is  Our Professor Dr.,J.C Philip the dean of Theology,(it is his picture above), encouraged us to study and to reveal our studies ,It is our message.

Abraham ,Egypt and the Archeology . by Dr.,J.C.Philip.

The Critics attacked the holy bible , They did not accept the story of "Abraham's Journey to Egypt , but what did the Archeology replayed them ? read more in

The Use Of The Apologetics .          A research by the Author to Trinity , The first part

The research discusses the uses of the Apologetics in the first part he explained a general view in that science , its history and definition and its uses to face the unbelievers . read more in

The Second Part of the research on "The Apologetics" .                      By ., Rev.,Joseph 

The second part discusses the uses of the Apologetics for both of the believers and the unbelievers  also the necessity of using this science . read more in the site 

The Doctrine of Trinity in the Book of Genesis            (1)

The Trinity Theological School has a statement of faith in concern of Trinity , in fact The Doctrine of Trinity has a biblical origin the first article about Trinity in Genesis , read more about it in

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Separation From The World.
by Dr, J.C.Philip

Separation is an essential command for God's children.However , most Christians seems to have ... read more in our blog trinityst using its link in the first article and enjoy the English song "Voluntary".

Has God Said ?by Dr,J.C.Philip.

Christian faith has always been attacked , and shall always be attacked , for the truth always hurts the sinful mankind .... red more in the blog trinityst using the link in the first article and enjoy the English song "One day".