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The Biblical Genealogy                                                                                              

The Nations Of  The Sacred Lands.    (1- INTRODUCTION)

Introduction , The Genealogy and The Torah which included the history of the human races along a period of 2500 years. read more in
The Figure shows and old recorded text.

The Nations Of  The Sacred Lands.      ( 2- INTRODUCTION)

The Genealogy of The Torah , The human races after the Flood . read more in
The Figure Shows The mommy of Rmasis II

The Nations Of The Sacred Land.        ( 3- INTRODUCTION)

A General Principles for the studying the Genealogy from the Torah . read more in
A figure of an old well

The Nations Of The Sacred Lands.      ( Firstly:- The hamitic .1- Sons of Mizraim A- The Egyptians )

The Genealogy , Firstly :- The Hametic   :- Sons Of Mizraem   (a)   The Egyptians , The relations between the old Egyptians and the Sacred Lands . read more in
The Figure of Thohotomos III

The Nations of The Sacred Lands .      (Firstly :- The Hamitic 1- The Sons of Mizraim B- The Palestinians )

The Genealogy Firstly:- The Hamitic :- !- The Sons of Mizraim (b) The Philistines . They were the cousins of the Egyptians ,They called them the Sea People, but they were destroyed and ended,at the days of the kings of Israel , The Palestinians today are the Edomites who live in their lands.   read more in
The Picture from the Temple of Habu at Karnak /Egypt for the sea people.   

Firstly :- The Hametic:- 2- The Sons Of Canaan

The sons of Canaan was eleven five of them was recorded in the Torah as groups of people who deal with the Israelite they were Hetits, Jebusites , Amorites, Gergashites Hivites but some time he called them Canaanites read more in the blog but please click it using the link in the past article . The picture for Canaanite people.

Firstly:- The Hamitic :- 3- The Canaanite and the other Titles


ًwith The angelic voice of "Lynda" you can listen and follow the study about the Canaanite and other names occured in the Holy Bible  by the link which are in the first articles the imade is for some of the Amorite gods

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Secondly:-The Semitic A General IntTitle.

"Abram" was one of the earliest Semitic groups that came to the Holy lands to live with the Hamitic people without invading their lands , because the modern conception of the bods of the country was not bor54n yet in this area between the Nile and the Mesopotamia read more and listen to the music in the blog which its link in the first articles it is the image for"Ashtaroth " The God of the Semitic they called it the queen of the heaven or the mother of God