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The First Story :- Faith And Temptation     [1]  A Stormy Marriage

The Faith and The Temptation is a story of a stormy marriage between Mr , X and Mme, Y how did they pass their first day of marriage? read more about them at
The figure she was like a flood of angry

[2]  A Visitor Came.

The mother of Mme Y came , Mr., X knew a remained miserable history read more at 
The Picture , A visitor from the waves

[3] The Decision .

The Prayer and The Christ's teachings , delivered the miserable persons , Mr X., reached to a decision , it was compatible with the teachings of Jesus , read more at 
The picture , He delivered him

[4] The Prize

 The Romantic stories of love deceived our youth , they saw every details in the marriage in a fantastic scene ,they smelt the smell of the rose and wanted to live in the dreams , while they must accept the rose with its thorns with its beauty,and at last the prize , read more in
The picture is the prize of the lover 

The Second Story :-           The Great Creator , A Story Without Talking..

"As the hart panteth after the water brooks , so panteth my soul after thee , O God " Psalms 42:1  see more  by clicking in the link of the above address

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