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The Great Persons of the Bible .                                                                 

The First Personality , ABRAHAM . ABRAM --- ABRAHAM.

Introduction the ancestors of "Abram" , it was not a journey across the countries only but to another personality and name , read more .
The figure is to one of the manuscripts of the dead sea scrolls .

The Journey of "Tarah"

"Tarah the father of "Abram" was fond of trips ,it was the habitual behavior of the people in that area at that time , his trip helped "Abram" in his next trip ,read more at
 The figure is to a way in the desert like what they used at the past times

The Journey of "Abram" to Beth -El and the Plain of Moreh

At the plain of Moreh there was a great Oak where "Abram" and his companions rested before continuing their journey , read more at 
The Figure shows the oak trees 

The Journey to Egypt.

"Abram" went to Egypt in order to find a plain of food but he met there the Pharaoh where some events occurd , read more at
The Figure is for The king "Sesostris III " the suggested Pharaoh who met "Abram" 

Back To Beth-El, and The quarreling with "Lot"

 read more in the blog using the link above of to read how the choice of "lot " leads him to a land which  most of its area became under the dead sea and how was "Abraham" tolerant"and faithful. the picture for the ruins of the remained part of the land of "Sedom"

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The War In Order To Deliver "Lot".

The old societies in the area depended on Solidarity Alliances between the niebouring inhabitants read more in the blog using the link in the first article of and enjoy the English song "He carry me " the image is for the mountain of Sodom it has a stony figured called the wife of Lot.

With Melchizedek.

This war revealed to us that there were other nations who worshiped God,like the Nation of Melchizedek ,who was the king of "Salem"Genesis14:18 read more in the blog using the link in the first article of and enjoy the English song "I kneel and pray to you " . The picture described the escaping of Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah .